Our Benefits

We depend on our employees to create great dining experiences for our guests. That's why we value our employees so highly and invest so much in creating a supportive work environment that is focused on integrity, excellence and exceptional service.


We offer extensive training and self-development programs to help our employees grow and succeed. New employees participate in a structured training program to help them learn more about the company, our brands and our expectations. On-the-job training is provided by Certified Trainers – team members who have completed certification to train others – who teach new employees the ins and outs of the job. On average, new team members receive 40 to 80 hours of training (depending on the job) through video and hands-on instruction. Company values and expected behaviors are woven throughout the training to reinforce that how we treat our guests – and how we treat each other – is as important as the specifics of the job itself.

Compensation and Benefits

Darden offers competitive compensation, flexible work schedules and industry-leading benefits. Scheduling flexibility is the number-one reason why many people choose to work in the restaurant business.

As a national chain, we can offer our employees jobs across the United States and parts of Canada, allowing employees to stay with us when personal circumstances require relocation. We offer many types of careers, both inside and between restaurant companies and at our Restaurant Support Center (e.g., corporate headquarters).

All employees are eligible for health insurance and disability coverage from the first day of employment, which is highly unusual in the restaurant business. Also unique in the industry is our anniversary/vacation pay benefit for hourly team members, whether or not they choose to take time off.

In addition, we pay our employees on a weekly basis, rather than bi-weekly – even though it costs us more to do so – because we recognize the economic needs of our workers. Employees enjoy a 25 percent discount for themselves and up to seven family members or friends when dining at our restaurants. Team members receive a 50 percent discount on meals during their work hours

Growth Opportunity

Darden understands that nurturing individual employees ultimately benefits the entire company. We know that today’s team members are tomorrow’s leaders, so we do all that we can to support and encourage their personal growth within the company. Enabling employees to develop a strong sense of personal pride and accomplishment is critical to their success, and supports our company’s growth.